Winter Magic by TL Reeves (A #review)

There’s magic in the air…

Kalum Truesdale is willing to take the leap and mate. Fawn Hawthorne has been at his finger tips for months now since his return, but the timid wolf rebuffs him at every turn. With the Winter Solstice right around the corner, he’s got a couple of tricks up his sleeves to finally catch the elusive wolf.

Fawn Hawthorne isn’t ready for a mate. After years of torture, all she wants is to be left alone. However, the handsome and persistent Kalum Truesdale, isn’t willing to let her hide. So, when presents start arriving in the days leading up to the Solstice, Fawn has a decision to make. Take what Kalum is offering her, happiness and love. Or continue to fear the world around her while always wondering, what if?

A Review by Beckey

This was a sweet and touching story about how one man captures the heart of a woman. Fawn has created “walls” around herself to protect herself but Kalum is determined to prove himself to her. He takes it upon himself to create tinket projects with anonymous letter and sets them aside. A cute holiday tale that will make you smile. Enjoyable story that I found to be delightful entruing story.

Well written, steady paced story that was hard to put down

Click on the cover you wont be disappointed.


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