Dashing Through the Stars by Erin Tate (A #review)

The holidays are a time of love, joy, and… meeting a new alien species?

Prince of the Ujal, Tave fa V’yl-Zeret, will do anything to make his mate happy. Even if that means celebrating a holiday he does not understand. (Tave does not care what human lore states, a single human could not circle the globe and deliver toys to every child.)

This year’s biggest concern isn’t whether he purchased enough toys for his youngling, but the alien battleship that enters Earth’s orbit.

Are they friend? Or foe? Will Tave’s family and friends live to see Christmas morning? Or will they all perish on Christmas Eve? For there is a humbug willing to go to any lengths to stop peace talks. Lengths that include kidnapping royalty and… assassination.

A Review by Beckey

The story was different and unique… The story begins with an intimate scene that gets interrupted (as parent I can seriously relate to this – especially when it involves the two and four legged …) Cute is what I can add to that.

As for the rest of the book there was a few parts that seemed slower than others that were of the steadier.. Then add in the that the alien race names where slightly confusing as well as a few of the character names… (Especially, when the author starts swapping Theresa and Ressa – that may be typo). In addition the story itself seemed like I was missing something somewhere somehow… Like the story it was set in the midst of a large story. (Well no duh… It is a part of series that I wasn’t aware of immediately…)

This is was a holiday alien story that seems to this reader would be great addition to the series IF you read the other books in this series.