Holly (The Kringle Girls #1) by Lily Rede (A #review)

It’s hard to be normal when you’re Santa’s daughter, but Holly Kringle is giving it her best shot, staying out of the family business and building a life for herself as a small town teacher. However, the elves and Mrs. Claus decide to help things along when Holly falls for David, the hot divorced father of one of her young students. When Santa “accidentally” leaves the little boy’s present behind, the family calls on Holly to deliver it herself, even if it means a midnight tangle with David that could turn their little spark of chemistry into Christmas fireworks.

David Brewster might be ready to start dating again, and can’t keep his eyes off his son Henry’s gorgeous teacher. She’s sweet and nice and smells like cinnamon, but everyone seems convinced that she’s Santa Claus’ daughter. David is sure it must be nonsense until Holly magically appears in his living room on Christmas Eve to deliver a present for Henry. Santa’s daughter or not, David is determined to convince Holly to give them a chance, even if he has to get incredibly naughty to make her wishes come true.

A Review by Beckey

This was a short quick read that seem awkward in some parts off in others… Add in there was no breaks in between the different speakers… (see below screenshot)

IMG_2233The ending was HFN that seemed there was more to say or was missing…The best word I can sum up this unrealistic story would be using the word weird… Erotic elf holiday story are the subject…