Dayna’s Miracle by Lynn Spangler (a Review)

She had loved. And she had lost.
Dayna Stone had lost her husband eight years earlier when their daughter, Khloe, was only four months old. She had survived the devastating loss of her husband, only to find out she’d likely lose her daughter as well to cancer.
Eddie Kringle is captivated by his beautiful neighbor and her equally beautiful daughter. Born a Magi, Eddie has issues coming to grips that Magi magic cannot cure the child, though his father, Kris, is more than capable. He and Dayna lean on each oth-er as the days pass.
They grow closer and a bond is formed.
A tragedy befalls them on Thanksgiving. Can their love, and the intense love they feel for Khloe, be the miracle they are looking for?

A Review by Beckey
Miracles can happen if you only believe… This was an heartwarming and endearing sweet romance story that was touching and enjoyable holiday treat… Click on the cover to be taken to the amazon page to pick this one up, you wont be disappointed with this one..