Thoughts on Christmas by Beckey

Thoughts on the true meaning of the holidays…by Beckey

After careful consideration (and an 11th hour change…) my holiday traditions post took a change in different direction that I originally had planned … some of this you may know while other won’t … I have always had difficult time when I comes to the holidays for various reasons but I have almost always tried to remain positive and put on a front (AKA the “mask”) of being positive even in the toughest and trying of times for me, personally.

Life isn’t the easiest of tasks to navigate for some… Like a compass and a map there is no true paths or directions to go. It is full hills, valleys and so on that you don’t know what is going to happen… or when.

This year I am very grateful and appreciative of those in my life that I have from my family to my friends. This year has been trying for me I will admit.

Without getting too much about that…I will continue onwards with the directions of the meaning of the holiday (Christmas) to me personally…

Over the years Christmas has been monopolized as a monetary holiday not a meaningful one.

As I have seen what my one teen and then the other started following suit it has been affecting me to the point that my positive front (the “mask”) slip off. I didn’t have my tree up until two days before the holidays and even then it was… In the words of my husband “half-assed” but at least it was up.  My holiday cards were never taken to the post office to be mailed (don’t…I know. It looks like thank you cards will be mailed in their place…).

What my teens picked up was a behavior that was not the way I have always taught and raised them… (I am still working on figuring on what changed and why…) It not only hurt me but the youngest member of the family, Sky.

To me the true meaning of Christmas is not by what you can buy but thoughtfulness you can give one another. Kindness. Compassion. (and so on…) (if you really want be creative, it’s the small things that can add up to the most impressive one – at least for me…)

This year, I want to thank everyone who has been there…