Double Down by N J Young (a #review)

Izzy Craig might live in a town called Magic, but her life is anything but. After nursing her beloved grandfather, he has passed away, leaving her to manage a busy lake resort and an unrequited crush on the town’s sheriff, Graham Nolan. Things start to look up when Graham’s estranged brother Chris comes to town. If she can’t have one handsome Nolan man, maybe his twin will do.

Graham’s feelings for Izzy have always been complicated . . . and intense. When he realizes that his brother has encroached on his territory, he’s not sure if he can deal. They’ve tried sharing a woman before, and that ended in heartache for everyone. But when Izzy’s sketchy uncle enters the picture, Graham’s cop senses go on high alert. He may very well have to trust his brother, Izzy, and himself, if he wants to keep the woman he loves safe.

A Review by Beckey

Izzy has inherited her grandfather’s lodge but there is someone wants and will go to now bounds to get it… But who and why?

Just when you think things are going in one direction be prepared to be taken in another direction…

This one had me wanting to jump in smack the one character for his YO-YO up and down rollercoaster idiocy & antics… Other than that this was a well written and enjoyable good story to read with alternating POVs and the HEA end that was great. There was a few spots here there that seemed to be overly drawn out…