The Wolf’s Forbidden Baby by Ellie Valentina (A #review)

Kyla is not the type to jump into bed with a guy she met at a bar but there is something about Devan that is different.

She hits it off with him right away and before either of them realize what is going on they are spending the weekend together in bed.

However, both of them have secrets. Devan is a werewolf and Kyla is a werecoyote.
Mating between these species is expressly forbidden.

And things are set to get even more complicated as Kyla discovers she is pregnant with Devan’s baby.

Not only is their relationship forbidden but they now have a forbidden baby too.
And both are about to suffer the consequences of their actions…

A Review by Beckey

Unknown who the other is, one night of passion leads to complication…Intriguing, enjoyable fast paced story that a quick read.  The HEA ending was there but it seemed there was more to come for the couple…