Alien Alpha: Alien Romance Collection by Darcy Rose (A #Review – Book is NO Longer Available…)

Alien Alpha: Alien Romance Collection***This Title is NO Longer Available***

LADIES! Don’t Miss Out On These Stories About Dangerously Sexy Aliens

Over 52,000 words of ALIEN ROMANCE
BONUS STORIES at the end!

This Scorching Hot Collection Includes:

— Loved By The Alien
— Mated By The Alien
— Penetrated By The Alien

A Review by Beckey


IDK why the book was pulled or whatnot but I found the intro to each story to each a attention grabber, to captivate the reader and intrigue to become interested in what the story is about, where it would go and so forth.. I was slightly weird out about the first intimate scene of each since seem off, weird and somewhat forced. The endings to each was ok. There was two that has something about a tail that was off kilter and unnecessary in this readers mind. Not bad but not the greatest but if you like kinky, quick scifi alien stories then ok this may or may not be for you…