Kacey Hammell with her plans for the New Year…. (A New Year Special Guest Post)

Happy New Year!!
2015 swept by like a firestorm. Or was it only like that for me? It seems as though the year had just begun and then it was winter. We didn’t have the greatest summer here, but winter weather did take longer to come around so it all balanced out.
I had some health issues in 2015 that are still on-going but nowhere near as critical and it put me two books behind that I’d planned to have finished. But 2016 will be an exciting year as well and there are many stories to write and more series to plan.
illusions-lrgComing up for me –
ILLUSIONS and AWAKENINGS, re-issue from previously pubbed titles will January & February respectively. They are the first two books in my “In the Arms of the Law” Romantic Suspense series and will each have a BONUS SHORT Story included in each full length title.
I’ll be finishing an untitled WIP in the next couple of weeks – a younger man/older woman Contemporary Erotic Romance. It’s coming together very nicely considering the bumps in the road this past year that have kept my characters waiting.
Also this year I will be writing …
• Book 2 & 3 of the Canadian Muscle series (Book 1: Guarding Midnight)
• Book 2 of the Stirred by Love series (Book 1: Stirring Up Dirty)
• Book 2 of the Okanogan Valley Pride series (Book 1: Fighting for Honor)
• Book 3 of the In the Arms of the Law series (Books 1&2 mentioned above)
• A single title ménage a trois
• I will be mapping out a wolf series as well, it’s going to me more intricate with a lot of paranormal elements so that will be laid out and I’m hoping to at least start the first book in the coming year.
I have 5-6 titles that I will accomplish this coming year and keep writing the next and the next and the next. *g* Each book is a long process – from writing to self-edits/critiques to submission then edits from publisher(s), etc – but it’s so very worth it in the end. I’d also love to tackle another Revved & Ready series (Mustang book) in 2016, but it depends where the Muse takes me. The books mentioned above are the plan at this time but she likes to throw new series/story ideas at me often. It can sometimes be a juggling act, and a battle of the redheads.  I hate to admit, I don’t always win my battles with her but it makes writing all the more exciting.
I wish every one of you all the best in 2016. I wish good health, success, love and laughter throughout the whole year. Stay safe, be well and Happy Reading!!
KaceyAvid Reader. Romance Author. Redhead…
Canadian-born author Kacey Hammell is definitely a book-a-holic. A romance reader from a young age, she fell in love with happily ever afters.  These days, as a multi- published erotic romance author, she enjoys adding a lot of heat, sass, and emotion to the many genres she writes.
Mom of three, Kacey lives her own happily ever after with her perfect hero in Ontario, Canada.
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