Her Montana Cowboy by Molly Ann Wishlade (A #review)

Falling in love wasn’t part of Huyana’s plan, but when Matthew Duggan claims her as his own, she has to open her heart or risk losing everything.

Life has been tough for Huyana. From the moment of her violent conception, the odds were stacked against her.

Meeting Matthew Duggan and his family changes her life forever.

Family can be close. People can be kind. Love can be good.

But a lifetime of rejection and abuse is difficult to overcome and Huyana struggles to fully trust the man she loves. There are secrets in her past and she fears revealing them.

Can Huyana find the happiness she craves and allow herself to be claimed by her Montana cowboy?

A Review by Beckey

For the most part this was a good story to pick up and read. I can’t stress it enough that if an author does write a historical to research the era that the book is set in …

This book doesn’t dive into what era that the book is set in but as you read it seems like mid to early-1800’s.

Now with that being said the word Lysol … I will leave my research screen shot below…


Now you can see in the above screen shot that the word Lysol was mentioned…

Just as an FYI


Now the word Lysol was invented in 1889 or there around that time which contradicts what I thought was time frame and if I go with just this then everything is off..

Like I said above it is a good one to pick up and most may possibly overlook this but it was one thing that threw this reader to slight confusion,

The concept of the book that I could take from the book would be basically the story of acceptance. Accepting things and understanding. It had a slow pace that had good bit of heated scenes.