CEO’s Pregnant Lover by Leslie North (A #review)

Trent Caldwell is the CEO of Caldwell Enterprises. He was the most arrogant, impatient and rude man Brianna had ever met.

Yet she finds herself madly attracted to him.

At first Trent didn’t give Brianna a second look. The young woman who wore her hair like a fifty year old, clothing that didn’t fit her body, or compliment her natural coloring, and honestly had no idea of just how attractive she could be. But that all changes when Brianna fills in for Trent’s personal assistant. With a little help from a popped button, Trent soon finds himself intensely attracted to her.

She is nothing like the platinum blondes he usually has draped on his arm. She didn’t just want his money or fame. She wanted him.

But as his employee she couldn’t let it go any further – she needed this job too much.

Despite her reluctance, the attraction between them is unstoppable and after an unprotected night of passion they’ are both left with many unanswered questions.

Trent’s unborn child reveals a side of him he never knew he had. But when an old business rival returns seeking revenge, Trent, Brianna and their child find themselves in extreme danger..

A Review by Beckey

Interesting start of a series of books. Reader beware you the ending is cliffhangerish… Yes the H/H get there HEA but the ending will make you want the others (that isn’t a bad thing, embrace it since the writing was good…) cause of what happens….

Overall fairly good, steady paced read that you can get into…



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