Alphas of Black Fortune Complete Series by Scarlett Rhone (A #review)

Heat Level: Scorching!
The Alphas of Black Fortune series features hot alpha shifters, ripped bad-boy pirates, and steamy menage romance.

When Captain Cressida Avery and her crew of pirates seize a merchant clipper ship, she thinks everything will be business as usual.

But aboard the ship she finds a wild, devastatingly handsome bad-boy named Reza and she reluctantly decides to take him under her wing.

When the crew overthrows her in disagreement, Cressida and Reza are sold to her rival Captain James Kelly. As tension heats up, Cressida must attempt to tame both of these alpha males.

Little does she know both men are hiding a dark, primal secret.

This series contains all 5 parts of the Alphas of Black Fortune series. This series is over 75,000 words in total, the length of a long novel.

A Review by Beckey

This was compilation of several short stories that complete for the story as a whole… It was slow to progress but some spot seemed more drawn out than others.. While others seemed rushed. Unique historical with little mention of a time frame of when. The storyline was unique with it having shifting pirates (Yeah you have werebears and werecats-weretigers to be exact. The werebears are the pirates…) A magical island and some other quirky uniqueness to it. Overall not bad story but it may not be something for everyone. To me it was ok story…

The ending HEA and relationship with the three is really needing some help. It just seemed off and not great flow for the relationship.

In addition the story towards the end seemed to be lacking like the author was rushing to end it and in the process the story seemed to be missing key elements of the story that could of been explored…