The Dragon’s Mate by Paige Cooper (a #review)

Humans are on the brink of extinction. A virus has spread, all but ensuring humans can’t have male babies. Not feeling to lie down and accept the end of their race, some put together a breeding program in the hope of turning things around.

Human female Elise Knight has been raised as part of this special breeding program, and slated to marry one of several human males who have been supplemented for years. The hope is they would be able to produce a male child.
Signs are promising, however as her twenty-fifth birthday approaches, the program is abruptly shut down.

The program is all she knew, but as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. Now Elise finds herself available just in time to be selected as a mate by the sexy dragon shifter Galagus. One of a small group of dragon shifters, perhaps the most powerful creatures in the land. And he wants her!

With the dragons themselves suffering a shortage of females, maybe the two can come in a mutually beneficial agreement…

Warning: this adult paranormal romance is only suitable for over 18s due to hot steamy sex scenes. When reading, please keep a cool glass of water in arms reach at all times.

A Review by Beckey

A warning to those that may wish to pick up this book. The writing style was off and seemed like a joke of sorts… (that is the best I can say… ) Immature is another… The style to me seemed YA at best.

Intercourse changes a person (yeah you read that…) into a paranormal… Uh really… Hey it is fiction right so… I will give it creativity.

The book seemed to be lacking in some area like description and flow. Head hoppy and choppy…

Amazon may say this is BBW but there was NO curvy girl or girls in this one.. Just a NO GO kind of read…