Alphas of Red Moon Ranch: The Complete Series by Morgan (A # Review)

Contains all 5 parts of the Alphas of Red Moon Ranch series – full novel length!

Alphas of Red Moon Ranch features hot alpha bear shifters, BDSM romance, and a funky online mail-order bride service. Ensure a cool reading environment to avoid overheating!

Holly wakes up one morning to find she’s thirty-nine with nothing to call her own but a failed marriage and a widening hourglass figure.

Everything changes when her friend signs her up for MeetYourMate, a mail-order bride service. At first, the intellect in Holly scoffs at the idea, but when she starts receiving messages from a dangerously sexy rancher, Jacob, she falls into temptation.

But Jacob is harboring a dark, primal secret and it’s up to Holly to uncover the truth at Red Moon Ranch.

Alphas of Red Moon Ranch includes 5 parts for a total of around 75,000 words, or full-novel length!

A Review by Beckey

The concept and ideas of the book were interesting and slightly different than others. I found the book to be inconsistencies within a few of the scenes… (yeah I reread what I read to make sure I wasn’t missing something.)

The writing was average to good with some mildly descriptive intimate scenes which a few seemed off and weird (first spanking scene the flow of how it went seemed off rushed and weird. Just like a few of the other scenes within the book just didn’t mesh well.)

Overall an ok paranormal romance, that left some unknowns open.