Ravenna Tate, The Most Romantic Scene I’ve Written (A Special Guest Post)

ASlow-BurningDance-evernightpublishing-JayAheer2015-finalimageThe Most Romantic Scene I’ve Written
Ravenna Tate
When Beckey asked me to write this post for a guest blog spot, it was easy to chose. The following scene is from A Slow-Burning Dance – The Weathermen 5. It released in October of 2015 from Evernight Publishing, and you can find it by clicking here.
This book marked a change in The Weathermen series because it focused more on the cities where the hero and heroine lived before everyone was forced to moved underground. I wanted to paint a picture of the way they each remembered their hometowns. Lush, warm, and ripe with the scents of fresh fruit and fragrant flowers.
Sela and Damien first met years earlier, but she wasn’t impressed by him. Now, she’s giving him another chance, and being the alpha hero he is, Damien is determined to win her over.

Early that evening, while Sela was drowning her discord in a pint of berry-flavored ice cream and a really sappy movie, the intercom buzzed. Frowning, she wondered if it was a late delivery. She often received packages after business hours, but couldn’t recall anything she had ordered recently.
When she pushed the button to ask who was downstairs, she was told she had a floral delivery. Someone had sent her flowers? Who would do such a thing? No one she knew sent flowers. They were horribly difficult to grow underground and therefore ridiculously expensive.
She took the box, waiting until she was back upstairs to open it. Gasping, she pulled out a large bouquet of wildflowers that she hadn’t seen since living above ground. She recognized blue sage, California bluebells, desert marigolds, lacey phacelia, and nasturtiums.
They had to be from Damien, but where in the hell had he found them? There was a cream-colored card in the bottom of the box. Sela turned it over and read the words, written in a surprisingly pretty script.
Sela, I thought these might remind you of happier times. I know I enjoy having native flowers in my apartment to cheer me up. I’m sorry I was such an ass yesterday. I hope you’ll reconsider attending the concert tomorrow night with me.
He’d written his private Internet phone number at the bottom of the card, with the words Call anytime next to it.
Holy shit. It wasn’t only the flowers, or the phone number. It was what he’d written about them. They cheered him up and reminded him of happier times. The days when they all lived above ground.

I hope you’ll check out The Weathermen series and all my books. I’m also published as Tara Rose with Siren-Bookstrand, and as Carolyn Rosewood with both Evernight Publishing and Siren-Bookstrand. You can find information on all my books here.
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