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JHR coverWhat is the most romantic scene you have written (A Swoon Worthy moment with excerpt)
This is one of my readers favorites. It’s from my contemporary romance, Jailhouse Rock.

While I’m taking in my surroundings, Bonnie hands me a cup of iced tea, then grabs my other hand leading me to what I guess, is the back yard. The rush of heat I get throughout my body from the innocent gesture is enough to bring me to my knees if I were to allow it. Only, I don’t give into it. I just feel a little wobbly and sweaty and do my very best to hide it from her.

Wow! This woman is doing a lot of strange things to me and I want more. Much more.

She flicks a switch on the wall, then opens another door leading outside to an amazing backyard with a huge swimming pool and many other amenities that one would not think to find in the yard of a house in this neighborhood. Not that it’s a bad area, just not high class as this yard presents itself to be.

My mouth must have dropped open, because Bonnie has let go of my hand and is now covering up her mouth and giggling, “I know. You didn’t expect all of this, right? Well, it’s real and it’s all thanks to Kurt and his absolutely amazing carpentry skills, well viola! I swear that man can do anything he puts his mind to.” She pauses and points to a thickly cushioned chair for me to sit on. Once I’m seated, she moves an ottoman by my feet. “Lift, relax.”

I do just that. Man, does this feel good! Kicking back and relaxing with a beautiful lady beside me. I even tell her as much. Well not all of it. “Ah, this feels great after a long day, thank you Bonnie. But what about you?”

She smiles the biggest smile I’ve seen on her yet and I notice she has one sexy small dimple high up on her cheek. Oh man, do I want to kiss it!

Fidgeting a bit, she clears her throat. Something I’m learning she does when she’s nervous. “I’m fine right now, thanks. I was wondering though. Would you rather just eat out here, instead of going back to your place? I can put together a salad and some sandwiches for us real quick. We can eat and even go for a swim afterwards. Well, after we digest a bit that is. I’ll even find something for you to swim in.”

I love that idea! I’d love to show her my place, let her see my music collection and where I live. But we can do that another day. At least I hope we will. “Yeah, that sounds great. Let me come in and help you out in the kitchen.” I rise up out of my chair.

Bonnie stops my progress by putting a hand on my shoulder and gently pushing me back down.

That’s when I notice there’s music playing all around us. It’s very low, so much so I can barely make out the song. I plant my rear back in the seat relenting and take her hand in mine “I hear music Bonnie. Is it just me or…?”

“Oh, yes. That’s due to the switch I flicked before we came out, it’s for the stereo system. Kurt has it all set up, so that when we turn it on, it plays a preloaded mix of music we both carefully chose and love. Pretty cool right? I’ll raise the volume a bit if you want, it is sort of low. The unit is right inside. I pass it on my way to the kitchen, so it’s no big deal.”

“Wow, Kurt really is handy. Sure, raise it up a bit. Are you sure I can’t help you?”

She shakes her head at me. “No, I have it covered. I’ll be back before you know it and I’ll see if I can find an old pair of Kurt’s swimming trunks that might fit you.” She turns and goes back inside, looking back once and smiling at me.

I can’t help but notice the beautiful blush that rises on her cheeks when she notices me staring at her. I wonder if I look as hungry to her—for her as I feel. Once she turns back to the house, I give her a full head to toe glide of my eyes.

She has an amazing body. A nice firm rear, a small waist and perfectly perky breasts that would satisfy any man’s need to suckle.

Once she’s out of my sight, I look toward the pool. I bet she swims all the time to help keep in shape. I know I do at my house. Plus, it feels great after a long day.

I want to tell her I also have a pool in my yard. My father and I put it in many years ago. There are many reasons I didn’t though. One, is I didn’t want to drudge up those memories and possibly answer questions. Not just yet. For some reason, I just want her to know everything about me. The good, the bad and even the ugly. Which thankfully, there isn’t much of the latter…But first, I want to know all there is to know about Bonnie. The sweet, sexy, talented song angel that seems to have stolen my heart and invaded my mind…

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About the Author:
A.R. was born and raised in Bronx, NY and is the oldest daughter of two girls. She holds an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science and Information Technology, which was only briefly used. She’s a mother of two entertaining teen boys (as well as a lovely fawn Chihuahua, whom she considers her furry daughter.) She’s also a wife to a delightfully handsome and amazingly funny man-beast. She loves anything dragon and fantasy related. In her free time she enjoys exercising, writing, listening to music, hiking, cooking, dancing and reading. She also loves a great adventure in and out of a book! She writes to free her mind of its constant wondering and clutter. She thrives on the fact she can share some of it with readers that have the same passion for a great story.

She also loves to hear from her reader’s and chat away, so feel free to reach out to her any time.

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