A Special Guest Post from Kacey Hammell

Guest Post with Kacey Hammell ~ The Romance you write about is (Less or More Heat)

and why did you choose this,

Good morning everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and that February is

shaping up to a fantastic month for you.

I’ve hit a few stumbling blocks with my latest WIP. It’s been a push and pull with the

Muse and this couple. I figured it would be smooth sailing once I got back to it after being

quite ill for a couple months but I’m finding wall after wall in my way. All the couple

seems to want to do is have sex, and they chose the wrong author to do so with!! Ugh, that

didn’t sound quite right, but anyway, I don’t write stories for just sex. I do have the

Revved & Ready series of course that are short quick bursts of sex and usually amount to a

scene or two, but there is a backstory to the couples usually – unrequited love, admirers,

secret cravings type concepts – but with full length works, there has to be a huge story to

go along with the sex. And hot sex! *g* So I’ve been battling this couple to give me more

in terms of the world around them, their relationship, and while I understand they’ve

known one another a long time and have secretly lusted after the other, there still needs to

be more. So that’s my struggle right now.

But I will say, and tying into my post today about the romance I write and the less or more

heat, each story is different. And this particular WIP the sex is plenty hot and inventive.

All my stories have a varying level of heat (or less heat). I always let my characters lead

the story and the heat of every love scene is tuned to their wants and needs in that

moment. I don’t try to interfere with the sex (except this WIP Grrrr!!) to give the

characters freedom to evolve.

I’ve always loved reading the romance genre and when I began reading erotic romance

years and years ago, I found the freedom for the characters invigorating and was drawn to

opening the bedroom doors and taking the full journey with passionate characters. I

wanted to know more about what went on in the bedrooms and wanted to be swept away,

so when I began writing it was with the same idea in mind—to allow readers the full love

story in each of my books. No matter how hot and steamy the love scenes are, there are

levels to it for everyone. The characters really drive the stories so whatever they demand

or want to share with readers is what is written.

And it’s my job to make sure there is a fully evolved and seamless love story to support it

all. Will this WIP, it may come to a battle of wills! LOL

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