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TroubleLeslie -Suit Yourself – Favourite Hero feature
I’ve been asked to write a short guest post featuring one of my favourite heroes in my books. I decided to write about the inimitable Leslie Scott from Suit Yourself. You’ll have met him for the first time in Love You Senseless.
When we first met Leslie, he was kicking his two timing date out of the house he shared with Eddie and Taylor. He was in full Diva mode and it took all of Eddie’s patience to settle him down. Then of course, we had the attack on Eddie and Leslie bashing the attacker with his high heeled shoes while clinging to his back like a limpet.
Teaser4So while Leslie is a pretty face indeed, he’s not just that. He’s strong, loveable, compassionate, quirky and loyal, and has a mouth without a filter. Which is kind of what gets him into trouble in Suit Yourself. When he first meets Oliver, he puts his foot in it but being Leslie, he has the grace to try and make it up to the man. And we all know what happens then 
Leslie was a fabulous character to write, as I have a fondness for the more effeminate characters, the ones who wear make-up and heels, and corsets, yet still have a rod of steel inside and are still all man no matter which way you look at it. It’s a fascinating contrast and one I love to write and read about.
To me, Leslie is an endearing character, one who climbs into your heart and doesn’t let go. He’s a mix of contradiction, the strong with the vulnerable, the feisty with the sensitive and overall, a rather delightful person.
Of course, living with him day by day would probably drive a lesser man crazy but after his self-imposed exile, Oliver Brown aka porn actor Nicky Starr was the right man for the job.
But that’s just my opinion. I’d love to hear yours….
Some trivia around Suit Yourself
Did you know Nicky has his own porn website?  Pop down and say hi.
And of course the cover of Suit Yourself, showing Leslie in a corset and heels, shows none other than my friend Johnny O’ Connell, who kindly modelled for the cover. Johnny is a pole dancer, Boylesque performer and all round good egg.
Leslie_heels 2

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