Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku – a special guest post from the author

Romantic scenes are central to any romance novel. How the characters meet, interact and respond to each other are all important. When I read a romance story, I savour the romantic tension build up between the hero and the heroine. To me that is what enhances any storyline.
So, in writing any romance story, my characters interact freely. The chemistry between the hero and heroine varies from one novel to another depending on their personalities, values and life experiences. The attraction between the main characters determines the heat level. In the 13 novels I have published so far, the heat level fluctuates from sweet to sensual, steamy and hot.
Picking the best romantic scene I have written so far would be tough. But I want to share this scene from my new release – Red Velvet Rose: A Valentine Romance.
Red Velvet Rose – Romantic scene
In this scene, Zane and Gabriella are having a swim.
She went under water to keep her breasts away from his gaze.
“Evil Zane,” she rasped before she turned her back to him.
“I’m not doing it so I can admire your lovely breasts. I just want you to try something nude. Does it feel any different?”
“Why would I tell you? I didn’t ask you to strip me topless.” She wrapped her arms over her breasts when she faced him.
“Stop being so prudish. You’re absolutely stunning. Flaunt what you’ve got.”
Her cheeks reddened. “Walk naked, Zane.”
“I bet you’ve been told a million times you’ve got the body every woman only dreams about.”
Her eyes enlarged. “You tell me in your own words, Zane.”
“Full curves, cute breasts, great figure. Your turn. What do you think about when you see my body, Sunshine?”
Gabriella swam across the length of the pool. “Romance and Sex. I want to run my fingers over every inch of your muscled body. It sounds naughty. So I’ll keep away from you for my peace of mind.”
His chest flipped over. And his mouth went dry. “I want to do the same thing to you, Sunshine. I want to toss you across my bed, splay your legs apart and ride you till you shout for me to stop. Your skin colour, eyes and lips have me thinking sex all the time. Right now, I had to swim nude to keep me cool.”
“What’s stopping you?” she asked in a whisper. “I want you to make me yours. I’m tired of waiting. I hate waiting.” Her voice shook with emotion and his chest constricted.
He swam over to her. “Can I touch you?”
“Not if you’ve no intention of having sex.”
He growled into the night air and pulled her to himself. With both hands, he pinned her in a warm embrace. Her breasts pushed against his chest and fireworks rang out from his ears. She moaned against his lips as he claimed her mouth. He flung his tongue inside and swept the surface free of moisture. She kissed him back with so much vigour he knew she loved him. With one hand, he held her back while his other hand dipped inside her bikini bottom.
His head almost exploded with lust. Her fingers scraped his back and strayed down to his naked butt. Heat roared through him. He let out a howl and thrust her away from him. She fell back into the water because she lost her balance. He launched forward and pulled her out.
Red Velvet Rose - PromoTitle: Red Velvet Rose
A Valentine Romance
Author: Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku
Genre: Romance/Contemporary/Interracial
ISBN: 978 – 1523958542 (Paperback)

Release Date: Tuesday 9th February 2016

No of Pages: 244

Cover Artist & Banner Designer: Obsessed by Books Designs


~ Flirty & Feisty Romance Novel ~

What a Soft Caress

A life outside her reach is what classy blonde heiress, Gabriella Gilcrest yearns for with all her heart. When a well-chiselled, dark-skinned man wearing a white vest and bandana drives a white Lamborghini around Martha’s Vineyard, she pictures herself in a different world. His strong fingers, soft whispers, quirky humour and many kisses leave solid prints on her heart.

Eye-catching, sexy-as-sin Moroccan millionaire, Zane Abdul is in Massachusetts to clinch a lucrative car deal. A small mistake throws Gabriella straight at him. The elegant woman who has more character than he expects may be the one to wipe away his emotional confusion. But he stands no chance with the Gilcrest family name, money & history. Besides, he has his own demons to fight.
Will a soft caress, a slow embrace and a touch of lips be enough to jump every barrier and light a flame in their hearts as Valentine Day closes in? Or will their past lovers fight back?

~ From the Author of Forbidden Dance ~


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