The Rockstar Cowboy Review

Everyone loves a rock star

What country legend Brent Kane needs is a good old fashioned hook-up. With pressure to write his next album mounting and the sales from his latest album teetering, Brent needs to find his muse –hot sex with no commitment—fast. So when Brent holes up at his best friend’s ranch in Somewhere Texas to write his next single the last thing he expected was to find his muse in the form of his best friend’s little sister.

DJ Diaz, the nonsense part owner of the Double D Ranch, is not at all affected by Brent’s good looks and play boy charm. She’s fallen once before and learned firsthand the heartache of loving a rock star. But spending time with the man who let her down ten years ago shows her that something’s missing from her life—fun. But will DJ be able to keep her heart from becoming involved in this “just for fun” relationship? And more importantly, will Brent?

A Review by Beckey

I am going to stress the fact that if you haven’t picked up the other in this set of Somewhere Texas series you may find yourself slightly off kilter and lost when reading this one…(I did but I pushed thought figuring I will need to read the others once the moment presents itself to do so…) Overall not a bad book to read, interesting story that was ok good one to read just difficult if you don’t know the back story that the other may have.