Susan Mac Nicol A Guest Post on Luck

What does luck mean to you?
Is it winning the lottery, finding a scratch card worth a thousand pounds, winning a card game at the casino, finding an ancient relic in your back garden that’s worth a fortune, or that hidden Van Gogh painting in the attic?  In other words, monetary and wealth value.
Or does your definition of luck manifest itself in other ways- getting a publisher to accept your manuscript, winning a great contract for your business, having lovely, well-mannered children, a good marriage, good health, friends, a career you love…
I’m don’t believe there is such a thing as good or bad luck. Most of the things I mention in paragraph one above are the results of good parenting, hard work, a good work/life balance, and your own efforts. The things noted in the next paragraph are results, based on science, the game of chance and randomness and people’s bad memories. I mean, come on, who leaves a bloody van Gogh in the attic?
I do believe though that positive or negative energy attracts its own rewards or punishments, what some might think of ‘luck’. So I believe in karma, that what you put out there, you one day get back, whether it be good or bad.
Think about it. I’ve heard each one of these statements made by famous people mostly, at the peak of their performance, and these comments have been made in response to someone saying ‘Oh, you are so damn lucky.’
The person being envied smiles wryly and says one of the following.
It’s strange, you know, the more I practice, the luckier I get
Oh well, you know, the harder I work, the luckier I get
It’s really weird- the more I apply myself, the luckier I get
I get this, I truly do. I believe each person is responsible for their own good or bad results, made by making choices, some conscious, some not.
I rather liked this equation for The Theory of Luck below. Most of it is down to you as an individual from what I make of this equation.
The Theory of Luck equation
“I don’t believe in luck, but I do believe in assigning a value to things.” – Noble prize winning John Nash, math professor at Princeton from the movie A Beautiful Mind
According to scientist Brad Watson, Nash was both wrong and right. As author of the booklet, There Are No Coincidences – there is synchronism, design and alignment, Watson has produced the following equation for his Theory of Luck…
Luck 100 = [karma 4 + modesty 1] x [desire 4 + actions 4 + abilities 4 + contribution 4 + blessings 4]
So while we’d all love a little green leprechaun living in our house, bringing us fame, fortune, good health, wisdom and the lifestyle we want- I hate to burst your bubble but I don’t think it’s going to happen. You make your own luck and opportunity in this world, so smile, think positive thoughts and go out there and find yourself some of the good stuff. It’s all on you 