The Last Installment to the Doctor Series…

Now Available, Loving Doctor Vincent.

The final installment of the Good Doctor Trilogy.

After becoming entwined the Society’s web of deceit, Elaine Watkins has to decide who she can trust.

Xavier’s tempting declarations of marriage are over shadowed by the ominous warnings of a dead man, leaving her to ponder if there can ever be a happily-ever-after for Xavier, Marco, or Sebastian? For her?

Finding herself in Victoria’s crosshairs, Elaine begins to see the bigger picture unfold and claims her role in the Society’s diabolical play—acknowledging that since coincidences are rarely the work of fate, it’s time to create a little chaos of her own.

A Review by Beckey of the entire series:
This an intriguing, suspenseful with kinky menage story that was equal part sexy and unexpected twists and turns edge of your seat kind of read. Overall a well written page turning captivating unique read and one you will want to recommend to others…

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