Kidnapped By Her Husbands (Wings of Artemis #1) by Rebecca Royce

Alone in prison.
No recollection of the past.
A baby grows inside her.

In a futuristic world where women are scarce and only the wealthy can afford a wife, Melissa Alexander is trapped in a prison rehabilitation center with no memory of who she is. The unborn child growing inside her is all that keeps them from making her pay for the sins she’s committed–sins she cannot recall. But when five sexy strangers, claiming to be her husbands, kidnap her and bring her to safety, Melissa fears she can’t trust them. All she can remember is what she was taught under the prison’s watchful, vengeful eye: to hate them. But how can she hate–or love–what she can’t remember?

A Review by Beckey

Set in futuristic world and time where women are a valuable commodity….. Ok you get the gist of this just from reading the synopsis.

Overall not a bad read just slow to progress in the beginning then at the end it was a cliffhanger of sorts that will have many wanting that next book since to me it was a midscene kind of ending.

The other thing that you may lead you to think that this is a ménage read is the word HUSBANDS… Yeah there is are a multitude of husbands that Melissa is married to but in actuality this isn’t (at least for this book) a technical ménage. If an interaction of that nature occurring within the book is it one on one kind AKA MF.

Different and unique storyline overall pretty good one..