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Hiya everyone, and thank you Beckey. I’m really excited y’all here at In The Pages of a Good Book asked me to hang out with you today. I’ll start off with a little run down about myself. I’ll keep it short and sweet so you’re not yawning and scrolling down “wink”.

First and foremost, I’m a lover of all thinks books. I love to read and couldn’t imagine my life without them. Of course I’m also a wife and mother to 2 wonderful kids, a 22 year old daughter named Jazz. She is awesome beyond compare and a senior in college. My Goob just turned 16 “sob” and he is my baby, even though he’s already over 6’ tall. Both my children are straight A students and make my days that much better. My hubby loves me and all my quirks. I’m a 2 time cancer survivor, and through it all he was there as my rock. After 20 years together it still feels like yesterday that I first saw him, which I think helps when I’m writing my books.

You see, in my stories my heroes are all alpha badass men who are larger than life, but when they find their mate, they are all soft and cuddly…to her. My latest book is no exception. Holy crap, I couldn’t wait to write Kellen’s Tempting Mate, book 3 in my Iron Wolves. He’s the alpha and boy was he an a**hole to his mate Laikyn. However, I think y’all will understand why if and when you read it “squinty eyes” I hope y’all have already read, and if not, well get to getting 
Here is a couple little excerpts from Kellen’s book below:
Kellen's Tempting Mate-HighResNowStory Excerpt

“You would have saved me,” Laikyn said against his lips.
Her faith in him made him feel ten feet tall. “I’ll always protect you. You come first, middle, and last in my world. My every waking breath will be filled with your scent. I need you, Laikyn.”
“We should help Rowan unload the trailer into the barn for the night.” Laikyn nuzzled against his neck.
She fit him. He called her his kitten, and the way she was rubbing up against him, the soft little sighs, he truly thought the name appropriate, even though they were wolves.
“Alright, let’s get it done, so I can make you mine properly.” Kellen opened his door, climbing out with Laikyn in his arms.
“It’s a good thing you’re such a big man, Kellen.” Laikyn wrapped her arms around his neck.
He looked down at her. “Why’s that,” he asked letting her slide down the front of his body.
“You’re always picking me up, and I’m far from a small chick.” She stood on her toes and kissed his beard stubbled chin.
Kellen gripped her ass, bringing her flush with his hard-on. “Thank god for that. I love how you fit against me.”
Banging on the door had him growling. “Damn that Rowan.”
She laughed. “He is probably wanting to get home and practice making babies.”
“Boy needs to figure that shit out,” Kellen mumbled striding to the door.
At the door Rowan and Lyric stood with worried expressions. Rowan held his hand up, ready to knock again. “I know how to make babies. I just enjoy the practice. Tell her we are ready to do the making and its game on. Now, what the fuck happened?”
They spent the next few minutes getting the trailer in the barn, then Kellen ushered the couple into the large log home. After he shared the information Damien had given them, Rowan began to pace.
“How do we protect the entire pack if he decides to pull the same shit on them that he did on you two?”
“Forewarned is forearmed, man. Besides, I can share with everyone at once.” Kellen kept his tone level.
Lyric stood in front of Rowan. “He’s the alpha, remember.”
“So do you send out a call or text?” Humor laced Rowan’s voice, but Kellen saw through to the real worry.
Kellen nodded. “Something like that. I believe a mind-fuck some might call it, but I will do a little love tap first. I hate to bombard everyone at once, however it must be done now. I’m going to give Xan a heads up first.” Kellen gave Laikyn a kiss. “You will have to ignore his snarly attitude.”
“What do you mean?” Laikyn blinked up at him.
“I don’t plan to keep you out, so when I tap on Xan’s mind, he’ll more than likely be snarling back at me. Ignore him.”
Within minutes Kellen and Xan were mind-speaking, luckily he and Breezy weren’t in the process of doing the deed, making the snarling minimal. As Kellen’s second, Xan would help Kellen funnel the information throughout the pack.
“I say we use Rowan and his link with Lyric as well. He’s a strong alpha, not to mention a force to be reckoned with,” Xan suggested.


Adult Excerpt

“Lake, you know that once I make you mine there will be no going back. We can talk about boundaries, but there are going to be limits that I will push. Are you ready for all that being mine means?” He asked while he carried her to his room, soon to be their room if she agreed.
Her head tilted. “Kellen, I was yours then. Yours to do with as you chose. Of course, in your dumb male brain, you chose to run.”
She yelped when he slapped her ass. “First rule, you don’t call your alpha names except God, master, sir, or my given name. You call me disparaging ones, and you will be punished.”
Heat lit her eyes. “I’ll be sure to remember that.”
“Make sure you do, unless you like your ass to be on fire.” He ran his hand over the spot he just hit.
Bypassing his California King bed, he walked into the large bathroom. Setting Laikyn on her feet, she rubbed against his front, every delicious curve igniting him. “Strip those clothes off unless you want me to do it for you. I’m not sure they’ll still be wearable after I’m done though.” Kellen dragged his T-shirt over his own head, unsnapping his jeans as he kicked off one boot then the other.
“Goddess, you are gorgeous.” Laikyn’s eyes widened.
Kellen bent and removed his socks, standing he was naked while she was still fully clothed. “You haven’t taken a stitch of clothing off yet, woman.” He crossed his arms over his chest.
She quickly shimmied out of her clothes, making his mouth water. He still remembered her taste. Like the finest whiskey he’d ever drank.
“You’re growling,” she said, her arms hanging loosely at her sides.
He moved closer, opening the door behind and adjusting the water temperature. “You make me and my wolf crazy.”
“I like that. My wolf is all preening in my head.”
Kellen pictured Laikyn on all fours presenting her delectable ass to him. “Let’s get you cleaned then we’ll see about getting you preening.” Her sweet arousal perfumed the air.
When she didn’t move, he picked her up by the waist, loving how his hands didn’t look too big for her. Mother Nature created this one being just for him.
“Dang it. I forgot to unpack my bath gel and stuff,” Laikyn muttered.
“That’s okay. You’re just gonna smell like me anyway.” He placed her under the warm spray, then began lathering up his hands with his body wash. If he had his way, she’d always smell like him, from her head to her toes.
“I can see what you are thinking, Mr. Styles.” She leaned into his touch, her breasts filling his palms.
“Good,” he grunted. Bullshit. It was perfect. He brushed his body against hers, igniting all the nerve endings on him. He measured her breasts in his palms, weighing them as he cupped them, rubbing his thumbs back and forth across the nipples. The slight hitch in her breathing let him know she liked what he was doing.
He turned her around, facing the cold tile wall of the shower, his front pressed against her back. Using his thigh he split her legs apart. She shuddered against the bunched muscles of his leg.
“Oh, God, more.” Laikyn reached back for his dick, but he grabbed her wrists and placed them on the wall.
“Not yet.” Lathering up his hands with shampoo, he washed her hair then ran his fingers down her back, rubbing her shoulders and along her sides till he reached the rounded curve of her ass. “Damn, I love your ass.” He ran his finger between the crack, when she tensed up, he gave a firm tap to one cheek. “This is mine. Right, Mon Chaton?”
“Yes!” She glanced over her shoulder, drops of water falling over them.
Kellen grabbed the shower head. “Close your eyes, baby.” He waited till she turned back to face the wall, knowing she’d listened to him. He rinsed her hair, then replaced the shower head before lathering up his hands with more shower gel. Kneeling, he washed Laikyn’s legs from her feet up, pausing at the apex of her thighs. She pushed her ass back at him, needing him to touch her there, but he ignored her silent command.
“My turn,” he said, lifting Laikyn away from the wall and taking her place under the spray.
“Hey, what about me,” she pouted up at him.
He raised one brow. “I cleaned you. Quite thoroughly I might add.” He held the body wash out to Laikyn. His cock bobbing in front of them, the heavy length too hard to stay upright.
“Um, is that thing bigger than before?” She asked.
“He’ll fit,” he promised. In all honesty he was a little worried himself. His dick appeared larger than ever before.
“Fine, but if you split me in two, I’m the only doctor around here.” She wagged a soapy finger at him.
Kellen laughed, then groaned as her hands began stroking his chest. Torture. Sweet torture was what she was doing to him.
Laikyn knelt in front of him, doing the same as he did to her, washing every inch of him except the part begging for her lips. Finally, she grasped him, the thick stalk of his cock barely fit in her grip.
His eyes nearly slid to the back of his head as her hand slid up his cock, her slick palm moving easily with the soap. With her on the floor, kneeling at his feet, Kellen was sure he’d never seen a more beautiful sight. The large mushroomed shaped head of his dick was purple and was almost painful to the touch with its need for release. Kellen wanted their first time, the time he claimed her to be on their bed. Not in the shower. He pulled her hand off him, making her squeak as he lifted her. “Not here.”
He stepped from the shower, shutting the water off before drawing her with him. Using a large fluffy towel, Kellen made quick work of getting the water off them both, then lifted her into his arms and swept her into the bedroom. His large bed was a work of art. The big black wooden frame was solid, with the post thicker than his legs.
“Tonight, I make you mine.” Kellen kissed Laikyn, their lips meeting, molding like their bodies.
She threaded her hands in his hair, holding him to her. “And I make you mine.”
He let out a sound, a cross between a growl and a groan. Laikyn was done with the teasing, the tormenting. She wanted to get on with the claiming.
Kellen sat her on the waist high bed. She might have protested at the loss of contact, but being able to watch the flex and play of his naked ass while he lit a few candles gave her a moment to catch her breath. He picked up a remote, and immediately the stone fireplace roared to life, creating an ambiance all in itself. The green eyed monster reared its ugly head.
Kellen spun back to face her, an alarmed look on his too handsome face. He closed the distance between them, coming back to her side and pressed her onto her back. The soft bedding cushioning her back. “What were you thinking?” He leaned down, resuming his exploration of her body with kisses.
“She turned her head to face the dancing flames.
“Look at me, Mon Chaton.”
“I just wondered how many other woman you’ve set up the scene for like this.” She waved her hand in the air.
A sharp nip of his teeth on the top of her breast had her gasping.
“I’ve not brought other women here, Lake. This was…is my home. The place I meant for me, my mate and our children someday. I didn’t want it smelling like another woman.”
Had she thought he’d lie, or somehow had a parade of women in and out of this room, she’d still have wanted him. Now, knowing she was the first, the banked need in her rose, flaring to life with more intensity than she’d thought possible. “I love you, Kellen.”
Others may expect the man to say they loved the woman first, but she was not like other women. Uncertainty was in the glowing blue eyes of the man she loved.
The teasing man was gone, replaced by the alpha ready to claim his mate. Laikyn was more than ready herself. She gripped him by the back of his head, pulling him down for a deep searing kiss, biting his lower lip. The small taste of him set her wolf at ease.
“Ah, my Chaton has claws I see.” He chuckled against her lips, his own teeth gripped her tongue and nipped, not enough to draw blood.
Kellen wedged his legs between hers, then shook his head. “Not like this.”
His words didn’t make sense, until she found herself lifted, and placed in the middle, the comforter tossed to the bottom.
The head of his cock brushed the entrance to her pussy. She wondered if he was just going to plunge inside, but the tip brushed the lips of her sex, then retreated. His lips claimed hers, fierce and hungry. Words escaped her as he threaded their hands together above their heads.
Oh my gawd. She’d never felt so cherished as she did having Kellen cover every inch of her skin with his.
She dug her nails into the backs of his hands, then he was releasing her. “Keep your hands there, or I’ll be forced to restrain you.” Wicked intent was stamped on him.
Her back arched at his slow exploration of her body. First he began by kissing the column of her throat, followed by a small bite that drew a little blood. Not enough for a marking. Then he was moving down her body with small nips and licks, torturing her with his teeth and tongue. Laikyn wasn’t sure who was making the mewling sounds, until Kellen growled from between her thighs.
“Fuck me, you are so damn wet.” He swiped his tongue through her slit. “So damn good. I could make a meal of you.” Another swipe of his tongue and then he buried his face where she needed him, eating her like he’d promised. Not missing one sensitive inch. With one hand he held her open, while the other he used to enter her with one broad finger, followed by another.
Laikyn was sure she was stretched to the max when a third finger was added next to the first two.
His head lifted. “That’s it, baby. Ride my fingers.”
Her hips rotated against his face, grinding herself against him for all she was worth, and she gave no fucks. It was fucking awesome. He mastered her body.
Her mouth opened to tell him she was close. That she needed more, but Kellen knew her body. “Come for me, Mon Chaton,” he growled against her clit, then he sucked the hardened nub into his mouth, pumping the digits inside her in the same rhythm he sucked.
On a soundless scream, she came, arching her back. Her arms above her head wanted to come down and push him away, or hold him to her, she wasn’t sure. The pleasure…intensity almost too much rolling through her.
“You come so beautifully. Next time you will scream my name,” Kellen assured her.

I write a wide variety of genres from paranormal shifters, to paranormal elementals, contemporary romance and my latest off shoot, Navy SEALs. Each book and story is unique in their own way. I think when people read my stories they’ll laugh out loud in parts, maybe cry, or want to smack the hero, but I hope I don’t make a heroine that is “To Stupid to Live”. I mean I hate those types LOL. I also have a different playlist for each book and or series. Music helps me get back into the groove of the moment. For me a song with a touching chorus or even the entire song could influence a scene. If I step away from the story for a few days, all I have to do is grab onto that playlist and I’m transported back to the scene.

I’m often asked if people or scenes are from real life. The answer is YES! I take little bits of my real life, whether it was from my personal experience, or little sayings from people that I love, and they become part of the story. For instance, in Jett’s Wild Wolf one of my favorite scenes is the “Sex on the hood scene”. This absolutely happened in real life, only it was after a ¼ mile drag race and my boyfriend at the time didn’t put anything on the hot hood of the car. Needless to say my ass was a little burned from that encounter lol. Another thing I’m asked is words or sayings that are in my stories. Well, I am a redneck and very proud of it. Clearly read ^^ lol. Now that little tidbit was from when I was waaaayyyy younger and dumber, but let me tell you it was a fun time. The 90’s were fun ❤ Now, back to the saying in my books. Most if not all are from my everyday life, either things I say like: (Holy tits on a boar. Or Jesus tits on a boar.) I have used that phrase for as long as I can remember. I actually got ISS my senior year of high school for saying it. Um, that was over 25years ago. Another saying I say ALL THE TIME IS: (Holy shitnshynoma) Yes, this is probably only me who says it, but there you go lol. There are so many little things like these, that I was told I should make a book of “Elle’s phrases” LOL.
Currently I’m working on a few books, because I’m crazy. I can tell you what I have due this year. I’m in 3 anthology projects, all due before November. However, I’m also writing for Desiree Holt’s Kindle World Omega Team, and it too is set to release in November. So, I will need to write like a maniac for the next few months. I also plan to write the next in my Mystic Wolves series, book 4. Book 3 in my SmokeJumpers. And, a story for Desiree Holt’s series for Decadent. Next year is looking to be just as crazy and I couldn’t be happier. So, there you go. I have lots of voices in my head.
I am pretty much an open book. I love to hear from readers, and try to answer every email, pm or question personally.

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