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 Title: Hero To


By: Anthology

Publication Date: June 28, 2016

Publisher: Blushing Books

Genre: BDSM

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Hero to Obey: Twenty-Two Naughty Military Romance Stories is packed with ALL-NEW sexy

novellas, penned by New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling authors of BDSM


Your hot, dominant military heroes are waiting—and they expect your complete submission.

Featured authors: Selena Kitt, Paige Tyler, Sierra Cartwright, Alta Hensley, Sue Lyndon,

Renee Rose, Vanessa Vale, Desiree Holt, Abbie Adams, Tabitha Black, Zoe Blake, Bethany Burke, Alexa

Day, Livia Grant, Yasmine Hyde, Isabella Kole, Cerise Noble, Kate Richards, Maggie Ryan, Lee Savino,

Maren Smith, and Maddie Taylor.

SEAL of Her Dreams by Paige


When Navy SEAL Kurt Travers fills in for his buddy during

career day at school, he doesn’t expect to fall for the teacher. But Melissa Drake lives by one hard and

fast rule. She doesn’t date Navy guys—ever. Will saving her life change her mind? 

Enticement By Sierra


Ella Gibson, his little sister’s best friend, is definitely off-

limits. But when Special Forces Staff Sergeant Pierce Holden sees her about to make a big mistake with

another Dom, honor, duty, and his physical attraction to her compels him to step in.

Wrecked by Selena


Spoiled heiress Darcy Haverford and ex-military beach bum

Daniel Colvin find themselves shipwrecked on a desert island and they discover the key to survival is

both discipline and surrender.

Stormy Weather by Desiree


The storm outside whipping the surface of the bay into

whitecaps wasn’t nearly as intense as the one raging inside Zane Colby. The isolation of the cottage on

the little island was exactly what he needed, a place to hide and deal with the disasters threatening to

destroy him. He was a warrior and used to destruction and devastation, but this time it threatened to

push him over the edge. He’d hope in this sequestered environment to reach down and find his

humanity again. The last thing he needed was Dara, a waif who nearly drowned in the turbulent water in

her haste to run from a violent situation. How would he manage with the two of them locked up

together in this situation, a woman with the needs of a sub who had been abused, and him with the

needs of a Dom that had nearly destroyed him? Was it possible that in the turbulence of the situation

they could heal each other? 

A Hero In Disguise by Alta Hensley

Kidnapped and brought to an isolated militia compound in

the backwoods of West Virginia, Jessa Crowe realizes there is much more hidden in the dark depths of

the hemlock trees.

She is surrounded by hate, sex, torture, and death. Only to

be claimed by the devil himself—Decker Cassidy. But what Jessa soon discovers is that her captor may

very well be her hero in disguise.

The SEAL’s Captive Bride by Sue Lyndon

In the aftermath of a horrendous war, former SEAL Rick

Stanford catches a pretty little thief sneaking around the settlement he’s charged to protect. Rather

than see Ally tried for her crimes, he protects her in the best way he knows how—by claiming the

reluctant young virgin as his wife.

In His Hands By Maggie Ryan

Betsy Riddle considered it her patriotic duty to lift the spirits

of soldiers fighting for their country. Little did she know that her newest pen-pal, Mr. Bossy, would be

the one man who stole her heart. With every letter he received,  Major Jackson

Sommersby  knew that the moment this horrid war ended, he’d be taking a certain little minx in

hand and showing her that paradise was found in his arms.

Owned by the Marine by Renee


He may live next door, but he sure as hell wasn’t the boy

next door.

When Marine Sergeant Rob Gentry moves into his new

apartment, the last girl he wants to date is his neighbor. Smoking hot and so cute it makes his teeth

hurt, she’s not his type. Too sweet. Too innocent. Too vanilla. …or so he thinks.

Under His Command by Maddie


After twenty years in the field, Navy SEALs Commander Flynn

Dalton is ready to put down roots.  Settled at Coronado island, he trains new recruits by day while

searching for his perfect submissive by night.  Too bad the one woman he wants to claim as his

own is too young, too shy, and too damn vanilla.  Relegated to the friend zone by the man of her

dreams, computer analyst Cassie Hardwick tries to jumpstart her dormant social life by attending a

masquerade mixer at an exclusive BDSM club.  Oblivious to what is right under their noses, both

Flynn and Cassie are in for quite a surprise when the masks come off at Decadence LA.

Understanding the Enemy by Tabitha


She can resist anything.

Except him.

When Lena is captured

and interrogated by a handsome militia sergeant,

she’s determined not to

reveal anything; no matter what he intends to do to

Her. But Blaze Fielding

has big secrets of his own… and very special ways to get

Lena to


Devil Dog by Lee Savino

There he was, on the eve of my divorce, the yummiest thing

in the coffee shop. Tall, tattooed, made of muscle. He was my hero. I just didn’t know it


Her Captain’s Command by Isabella


When a former love surprisingly arrives as the new XO on his ship, how

will Captain Blaine Rogers handle her stubborn attempts to defy his authority? Will old feelings get in

the way or will a spark be rekindled?

A Little Love by Maren Smith

From the moment he saw her tattoo, Sergeant Nolan Anderson knew

Tricia was meant to be his. But they were neighbors and, worse, he was broken. She deserved so much

better from the man who became her Dom and yet, now that he’d held her, how could he ever let her


Their Runaway Bride by Vanessa


A surprise prequel to the USA Today bestselling Bridgewater

Menage Series. Learn how the two military men save a runaway from her ruthless father. You’ve met

Anne and her two husbands, Robert and Andrew before. It’s time for their story!

Worth Fighting For by Zoe


He is determined to make her his…even if he has to fight her

every step of the way. An arrogant, alpha Marine ordering her about is not Sage’s idea of boyfriend


Conner disagrees. For her first burglary, it was going very

well…until a half-naked, hot-as-hell Marine burst in demanding to know what was going


A Soldier to Cry On by  Abbie


Sergeant Anthony Jerard hunts down the wife of the soldier

dying in the hospital bed next to him during the first days after he suffers a traumatic brain injury. He

intends to pass on the deathbed apology of which he hasn’t a clue to the nature of. What he doesn’t

intend to do, is fall ass over teakettle in love with the often captivating, but more often infuriating, little


Call Sign:

Thunder by Livia Grant

Zach wasn’t supposed

to be there, but he was Allie’s only hope of getting out alive.  Even if she gets out with her life,

could she survive the horrific memories of her time in the hands of her diabolical captors?

Passing Through by Alexa Day

The summer’s brought two surprises to bar owner Gigi

Deane: the former Army Ranger she hired is the perfect barback, and he takes orders in bed as well as

he does on the job. He’s told her that he’s just passing through, but as the seasons change, can she

convince him to make their summer thing a little more permanent?

Bound By Her Captain by Kate


The heat between a  US Coast Guard Captain and a

beautiful, brilliant Soviet scientist might do a better job of melting the polar ice than the ship when they

combine forces to hunt down a possible sea monster in Cold War Era Alaska.

With One Hand Behind My Back by Cerise


Irene’s determined to follow her Marine, Drew –  the

love of her life – everywhere. He leads, she follows; from duty station to duty station, from base to base.

When he’s wounded, everything changes. Can she submit to a man who’s body was


Exfil  by Bethany Burke

 Archeologist Emily Becker’s “simple and quick”

clandestine trip into Syria to recover a precious artifact turns out to be neither.   Stuck in a

bombed out basement with some serious heat on her tail, she needs “exfil,” extraction from a

dangerous situation by someone who knows what he’s doing.

Delta Force Mission Specialist Michael Duncan definitely

knows what he’s doing. He would fit the bill except for one thing:  he also knows Emily, and their

history is not a happy one.

Emily doesn’t know if she’s in more danger from Michael or

from terrorists, but she’s about to find out. 

Aim for Pleasure by Yasmine


Kerrigan’s military career is coming to an end. At last she will

be able to dedicate her time to the business she started years ago with her sister. She just has one more

function to put on for the General she works for, then she’ll be bound for civilian life. The night before

the event she lets her friends take her out to a bar to celebrate. When a moment of peace turns into a

chance at passion, she is drawn in and taken on a ride of ecstasy. She never expects to see the mystery

man from her one night of recklessness again, but when he turns up in the place she least expects him,

she can’t keep him at arm’s length.

Jaxon returns from a mission just in time to celebrate his

brother’s promotion. Hitting the road, he decides to catch up with an old buddy. A detour at a bar winds

up being a night to remember. The next day the curvaceous beauty practically falls into his lap again,

and seeing it as an opportunity to get to know her better, he pursues.

Can two warriors from two

different branches of services, two different paths of life, really find the one in a wanton moment – and

can it last for a lifetime?

Stormy Weather by Desiree Holt

Someone was out there in the bay in a little skiff, trying to get to shore. In point of fact, whoever

it was appeared to have lost one of the oars, and was struggling against the elements to make headway.

He couldn’t tell that much about the person except the figure was small and wet. Who in hell was crazy

enough to let their kid out in this weather? Wherever they were, if Zane got hold of them he’d wring

their necks. While he’d love to leave the person out there, he didn’t want to be responsible for anyone

else’s death. But, fuck. There went his precious solitude.

Still swearing a steady stream, he pulled on boots, a rain slicker and head gear, and headed

down to the little dock. It took him a while to get the bowrider uncovered and power it up. He hated

exposing the beautiful interior of the boat to the elements but the skiff would be useless in this storm.

He couldn’t in good conscience let some kid drown out there because his or her family was brainless

enough to let them out alone in this kind of weather.

As soon as he was away from the dock, Zane cranked up the throttle and headed for the

floundering rowboat. The rain pounded on him, dripping off his rain cap into his face, but he kept

himself focused on his target. When he was close enough he throttled back and steered close to the

rowboat. The person wrestling with the boat sat on one of the seats, waving at him and yelling

something, impossible to hear over the storm. As he maneuvered alongside and got a good look at the

person, shock raced through his system. This wasn’t a kid, it was a girl. No, a woman. Very definitely a

woman, a fact made obvious by the way her thin T-shirt and white shorts were plastered against her

body. Her breasts wouldn’t have been any more obvious if she’d been standing there stark naked.

What the fuck was she doing out here, alone, in this weather?

Maneuvering the boat on the choppy waters while fighting the wind and rain was not the

easiest thing Zane had ever done. He also had to be careful he didn’t knock the rowboat and cause it to

capsize. He managed to finesse it so he could idle next to the floundering boat, and pulled up on the side

closest to where she was sitting.

“Come on,” he shouted. “Get in.”

For a moment she just stared at him, and he was afraid she was too nervous to move. Then she

eased herself as close to him as she could, pushed herself up and reached out to him. Ignoring any

niceties he yanked and tumbled her into the bowrider, pushing the throttle forward as soon as she was

all in.

Heading back to the island he was driving right into the rain, and it felt like a thousand wet

knives on his skin. He looked at his passenger, huddled low in the boat, hugging herself and shivering,

and kicked himself for not bringing something to wrap around her. He’d just have to get her into a hot

shower the minute they were back in the cottage.

No, Zane. Send her into the shower, not get her in. Or take her in. Pay


The ride was choppy and chilling but at last he pulled up to the dock, cut the motor, and jumped

out to tie off the boat. He reached a hand down to help his passenger out.

“Go on inside,” he told her. “It’s open.” When she didn’t move he scowled. “Don’t worry, you’ll

be safe. I’m off women for the duration.”

She just continued to stand there, hugging herself, her eyes wide, staring at the scar on his


“It’s not as bad as it looks,” he told her. “A war souvenir. I might look frightening but I promise I

won’t hurt you.”

“A-all right.” But still she didn’t move. Her eyes were filled with fear and he had the distinct

feeling it wasn’t all caused by him.

SEAL of Her Dreams by Paige Tyler

“You’re seriously going out with a Navy guy?” From where she was leaning back on her hands on

the flower-print comforter covering the bed, Melissa’s neighbor-slash-best-friend Veronica Cartwright

eyed her dubiously. “I thought you had a strict no-sailor policy when it came to potential boyfriend


“I do.” Melissa turned this way and that in front of the mirror mounted on the back of the door

to the closet, checking out her reflection. She wanted to look nice for Kurt, but not so nice that he’d

think she was interested in him. So while the little black dress hugged her curves, it didn’t show too

much leg or too much cleavage, and the platform sandals didn’t scream, come and get me.

“Though, to be honest, there’s absolutely no boyfriend potential here. I’m only going out with Kurt

because he helped me out with my career day fiasco at school. I had twelve parents lined up for today

and ten of them canceled at the last minute. If Kurt hadn’t stepped in and spent an hour playing with the

kids, the entire event would have been a train wreck.”

Veronica shrugged her slim shoulders. “He sounds like a pretty good guy to me. Is there

anything wrong with him other than the Navy thing? I mean, is he hideously ugly or something?”

Hideously ugly? Melissa’s lips curved. That would be a definite no. In fact, Kurt Travers

was extremely attractive. Heck, she might go so far as to say he was gorgeous. There was even a part of

her that was kind of psyched a guy this hot wanted to go out with her. But it was a small part, and she

was smart enough to push those silly thoughts aside and forget about them. She came from a Navy

family, and had seen firsthand what a woman had to deal with if she wanted to be involved with a man

whose job required him to be away from home more than he was there. It had taken a toll on her mom

and the family. Melissa had no desire to walk down that road again.

This date was a one-time thing. A thank-you for a man who’d helped her out of a tight spot. That

was it—period, end of sentence.

Still, Kurt was freaking hot. There was no denying that. And when she’d stood close to him while

they’d watched the kids run around the playground at recess, she couldn’t help but notice he smelled

yummy, too. Then there was the obvious fact that the guy had a totally awesome body. Even the blue

camouflage uniform he’d been wearing couldn’t hide that.

“Should I assume from the dreamy look on your face that Kurt isn’t ugly?” Veronica asked.

Their Runaway Bride by Vanessa Vale

“You will marry him.”

“I will not,” I replied.

My father stood, looming over me as I sat in one of the room’s very uncomfortable

chairs. I looked at the floor, the carpet’s dark colors swirling as my eyes filled with tears. Taking a deep

breath, I willed them away. My father had ruled my life, squeezed every bit of enjoyment from it until

there was barely any left.

“I will not have Mr. Atherton thinking you are common. We are anything but.”

Yes, common. My father did not lower himself to be like everyone else. God forbid I stopped

and petted a dog. A pedigree dog in first class. Thomas Geary did not stop to pet a dog. He did not stop

to deign anyone with his miserable presence unless it was of value to him. Including me. I was just his

daughter. I wasn’t a son—just a daughter who enjoyed petting dogs and helping the elderly woman on

the stairs going to dinner. A daughter who refused to conform to his every wish.

“I am not common, Father. You’ve ensured that,” I countered. “But Mr. Atherton holds no

appeal to me. I’ve told you that time and again.”

He walked over to me and I had to tilt my chin back to look at him. “He holds appeal to me and,

more importantly, you hold appeal for him. Merging his railroad with my land holdings is

crucial, Anne, and I will not have you ruining our arrangements.”

“So marriage to the man is part of the arrangement? What about love?”

Father laughed. “Love? This isn’t about love. This business venture, even this trip, it’s all

about money.

Shame made my cheeks heat, for I believed in love wholeheartedly, while he did not. He’d

married my mother because of an arrangement, and there had been no love between them. I

didn’t remember her, but I could not imagine any woman loving my father. She was just someone to

produce an heir for him, and she hadn’t even done that right. She’d made me, a female, then died giving

birth to Father’s true heir. The baby boy had died as well.

He’d been stuck with me ever since. Why he hadn’t remarried and found another woman to

breed, I had no idea.

I stood up and lifted my chin, met the same blue eyes as mine. I hoped that was the only thing

we had in common. “I refuse.”

Owned by the Marine by Renee Rose

She was looking through his bedside drawer—the one where he kept the kinky shit. Like lube

and butt plugs and…yeah. She picked up a hand paddle and spun it around. He ought to be ashamed of

himself. Instead, seeing her curiosity sent a fresh surge of lust kicking through him.

“Shouldn’t you be in bed? Getting some rest?”

She jerked and looked up with guilty surprise on her face. “Uh…is this yours?” She spun the

paddle around like she admired the feel of it—not like someone who was revolted.

“Yep.” He raised an eyebrow, doing his best to look stern. “Do you need a demonstration?” He

toed the door open and folded his arms across his chest.

Her full berry lips parted, tongue darted out to moisten them. Her nipples tented the thin fabric

of her shirt. “Yeah.”


He hadn’t expected that answer.

A flush had crept over her cheeks and her eyes looked dilated.

Oh God. He’d been thinking about spanking her ripe little ass since the day he first met her. But

no…it was a terrible idea. She had no clue what she’d be getting herself into. He shook his head. “Sorry

Dimples. I don’t think you have any idea what you’re saying.”

Her chin kicked up a notch. “Don’t be so sure, Marine.”

Was that a challenge? His cock liked her sass. Too much. He should definitely not be

getting spanky with this girl right now. “Nope. You need to get your rest.” He raised his eyebrows and

jerked his head toward the bed, doing his best attempt at daddy-dom, which he didn’t even know was in

his repertoire.

She held the paddle out to him. Her hand shook. “I need a demonstration.” Her voice


“Kaitlyn.” He made his voice sympathetic. “The last thing you need is to get mixed up with this

sort of thing after what happened to you tonight.”

She swallowed. “I want to forget. I need to feel something different. I mean…I think I might like

it. Please?”

He’d like to say it was just out of sympathy that he responded to her pleading, but his cock

surged and strained against his pants because the idea of dominating his sweet little neighbor heated

his blood.

This was such a bad idea.

Under HIs Command (A Decadence LA novella) by Maddie Taylor

Her steps lagged and she came to a halt as she stared at Flynn leaning against her driver’s side

door, tall and handsome with his arms crossed over his chest. Like Colt, he was obviously

pissed—correction, fucking angry—if the clenched jaw and the twitching muscle were an accurate

measure of his fury.

Cassie didn’t budge from her spot, not moving forward or back, even when he raised his hand

and crooked a finger at her. She swallowed, hard.

“Don’t make me come and get you,” he warned in a steely voice.

Her heart leaped into her throat nearly choking her. She wanted to run away and hide, except

she wasn’t twelve and couldn’t do that again. She took a tentative step forward. As she did, he stood up,

waiting. She stopped again.

“Come here, Cassie. I won’t bite.” When she started moving again, he added, “A trip over my

knee isn’t out of the question, however.”

Her eyes shot to his, but his expression was unreadable, a lethal calmness in his eyes. She’d

almost prefer his anger. As she came to a stop in front of him, she launched into her practiced


“I’m sorry for running out without an explanation. I was taken by surprise when unmasked. I

hadn’t intended to stay. Regardless, I hope we can be professionals and put this incident behind us and

go on as we were before.”

He stared at her silently for a moment. “Rehearsed that all weekend, I bet.”

She gasped, which made his lips twitch ever so slightly. “How did you know?”

“I’ve been a dominant for nearly twenty years, and have learned a few things about

submissives along the way.” His fingers curled firmly around her upper arm as he walked her forward,

away from her car.

“Where are we going?”

Her question went unanswered as he stopped in front of a black SUV and opened the door.

“Get in.”

She tipped up her chin, biting her lip as she met his still indecipherable eyes. Curiously, she

noticed they looked more steel blue, than gray today. “What are you thinking?”

“That we need to go someplace quiet and talk. When we’re done, you’ll have a decision to

make. Either way, you are definitely going home with a red hot backside.”

If you haven’t already

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hero–Navy SEALS, Special Ops Marines, Army Soldiers, you name it. There’s even a couple historical

military heroes!

2. Twenty-

two of the Best BDSM Authors Around.  These stories were written

by New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling authors of BDSM romance. The lineup


Selena Kitt, Paige Tyler,

Sierra Cartwright, Alta Hensley, Sue Lyndon, Renee Rose, Vanessa Vale, Desiree Holt, Abbie Adams,

Tabitha Black, Zoe Blake, Bethany Burke, Alexa Day, Livia Grant, Yasmine Hyde, Isabella Kole, Cerise

Noble, Kate Richards, Maggie Ryan, Lee Savino, Maren Smith, and Maddie Taylor

3. Smoking

hot Sex. In case you’re not familiar with the authors, they

write some of the steamiest scenes around. Spanking scenes? Check. Anal punishment? Check.

Humiliation? Check. Hot, passionate sex? Check, check check! 

4. It’s A

Fundraiser. Did you know that? Yes! It is!! Blushing Books

will donate ALL the net profits for e-book sales to the two charities  Freedom Service Dogs of America and Hope For The Warriors. These both came highly

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Spanking! In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s our kink of

choice, and this box set is brimming with all the best kinds, from BDSM to domestic discipline, from

sweet to dub con.


Menage. Yep, Vanessa Vale wrote a smoking hot menage

for her contribution to this box set.


Ageplay. Maren Smith wrote a mild ageplay (no diapers,

just a hot daddy dom).

8. Happily

Ever Afters. There are no cliffhangers in these stories and

they all end with happily ever afters.  


Variety. We can guarantee that there will be at least

three stories tailor made to suit a particular taste in this set – regardless of whether you want sweet; or

dark or whatever. So: something for


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Abbie Adams is an international bestselling author. She has always lived in a make-

believe world, penning her fantasies for others to enjoy. Come live inside Abbie’s head if you dare.

Tabitha Black is an award-winning author of

predominantly historical and BDSM erotica.

Having travelled extensively, she currently lives in Europe

with her very own romantic hero inspiration – her sadistic Daddy-Dom – and a gorgeous, albeit

indifferent, cat.


Burke is the Publisher and CEO of Blushing Books. She

has been writing professionally since the mid 1980s.  In the early 1990s, bothered by the what she

perceived as an increasing trend towards “politically correct romance,” Bethany began self-publishing

her spicy romances and sending her xeroxed books out through snail mail.   With the dawn

of the Internet in the late ’90s, Bethany was freed (at last!) from all those tiresome late night trips to the

24-hour Kinkos and from standing in line at the post office.  She launched her first website on a

September day in 1998, went out for dinner, and came home to find that sixteen people had bought one

of her books.  She never knew how they found her, but she’s never looked


Alexa Day writes erotica and erotic romance with

heroines who are anything but innocent and fictional worlds where strong, smart women discover

excitement, adventure, and exceptional sex. A former bartender, one-time newspaper reporter, and

recovering attorney, she likes her stories with just a touch of the inappropriate, and her literary mission

is to stimulate the intellect and libido of her readers.


Cartwright is a USA Today and #1 international best-

selling author. Novels that the UK Daily Mail Online calls, “Even racier than Fifty Shades!” are available

on a bookshelf near you.

Livia Grant

lives in Chicago with her husband and two sons… one

a teenager, the other a furry rescue dog named Max. Livia started writing when she felt like she finally

had the life experience to write a riveting story that she hopes her readers won’t be able to put down.

Livia’s fans appreciate her deep character driven plots, often rooted in an ensemble cast where the

friendships are as important as the romance… well, almost.

Alta Hensley is a USA TODAY bestselling erotic

romance author who has had #1 top-selling books in BDSM, erotic science fiction, humor, and historical.

She writes the naughty… and then the cure for it.

Desiree Holt – Known the world over as the oldest

living author of erotic romance, and referred to by USA Today as the Nora Roberts of erotic

romance, Desiree Holt

is three times a finalist for an EPIC E-Book Award (and a

winner in 2014), a nominee for a Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award, winner of the first 5 Heart

Sweetheart of the Year Award at The Romance Studio as well as twice a CAPA Award winner for best

BDSM book of the year, and winner of the Holt Medallion for Excellence in Romance Literature.

Yasmine Hyde is the alter ego of Yvette Hines. Since I

was sixteen and started reading romance, I found myself pulling out a tablet at the end of a book and

writing an additional sex scene. Now, years later, Yasmine allows me and my muse SHE to step out of

the box again in another direction. As a USA Today Bestseller I’m ready for the next road my writing will

take me. So, naughty ones, take the journey with me…I dare you. If you enjoy Yvette Hines give Yasmine

a try.

Selena Kitt is a NEW YORK TIMES bestselling and

award-winning author of erotic and romance fiction. She is one of the highest selling erotic writers in the

business with over a million books sold! Her books EcoErotica (2009), The Real Mother Goose (2010) and

Heidi and the Kaiser (2011) were all Epic Award Finalists. Her only gay male romance, Second Chance,

won the Epic Award in Erotica in 2011. Her story, Connections, was one of the runners-up for the 2006

Rauxa Prize, given annually to an erotic short story of “exceptional literary quality.”

Isabella Kole is an international bestselling author

who writes soft erotic romance with a dash of discipline.

 Sue Lyndon is a USA Today bestselling

author of naughty romance. Her books have hit #1 in multiple categories on Amazon, including BDSM

erotica and Sci-Fi Erotica.

Cerise Noble is the author of the top selling Brackish

Bay series, the Women of Markin series, and several standalone books, including Bianka’s Baby, a

Golden Flogger Award Nominee in the Menage category. **

Kate Richards is the author of over forty well-

reviewed books and loves traveling the US and Canada to meet readers.She is known for her sexy,

entertaining stories in all genres of romance.

Renee Rose is a USA Today Bestselling

Author who writes BDSM and spanking romance novels. Named Eroticon USA’s Next Top

Erotic Author in 2013, she has also won reader’s pick awards from The Romance Reviews and

Spanking Romance Reviews and hit #1 on Amazon in numerous categories.

Maggie Ryan is a #1 international bestselling and

award winning author.

Lee Savino is a bestselling author who lives in a world of

her own imagination, full of cowboys, werewolves and hot military men. She plans on spending the rest

of her life with them, writing sexy, sexy romance.

Maren Smith – Fortunate enough to have married my Dominant, I

am a wife, administrator at two local BDSM dungeons, and submissive to the love of my life. I have

penned more than 120 novels, novellas and short stories, and am the author of the Masters of the

Castle series, of which Kaylee’s Keeper reached #1 on all Amazon.

Maddie Taylor is a #1 Bestselling Western and Erotic

Romance author. In this story, she  takes us back to LA as she continues her bestselling and very

popular Club Decadence series with Under His Command

Paige Tyler is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling

Author of sexy, romantic suspense and paranormal romance. Paige graduated with a degree in

education, but decided to pursue her passion and write books about hunky alpha males and the kickbutt

heroines who fall in love with them.

Vanessa Vale savors the insanity of raising two boys,

is figuring out how many meals she can make with a pressure cooker, and teaches a pretty mean karate

class when she’s not writing, .She considers herself to be remarkably normal, exceedingly introverted

and fairly vanilla, which does not explain her steamy stories and her fascination with cowboys,

preferably more than one at a time.