About In The Pages of a Good Book blog

It was created in September of 2014 by Beckey White as away to promote authors and their works. Then in March 2014, Beckey expanded and opened the promotional side of the blog, calling In The Pages Promos (& Designs). Look in the Gallery page to see the promo work that was created/completed by Beckey.

All book covers on the reviews are linked to the Amazon or Goodreads page. Some may include affiliate links to cover costs to run this blog.

librarianAbout Beckey:

Beckey  a passion for reading a variety of books. In addition she has four daughters, also have a passion for reading books as well. It is known that Beckey owns a large interesting collection of both hard copies (paperback and hard cover books) as well as digital editions from a variety of different authors. Many of her reviews can be seen on Goodreads.

A few of her reviews can also be seen on We Love Kink, which on the weekend she assists with managing the Facebook page and also help with Author Freebies a Facebook page with finding  free books links to share.

In addition, Beckey is also a personal digital assistant to several authors and one terrific executive.

Besides manage In The Pages of a Good Book, it is known that Beckey makes appearances on several other blogs that she assists with managing as well.

Beckey’s other hobbies include being creative, designing, and photography.

Most of the review that can be seen here are books that Beckey has personally purchased and reviewed. Beckey, prefers not to take ARCs (Advanced Reader Copy).

Occasionally there may be a Guest Reveiwer that can be seen on In The Pages of a Good Book  they are:

  • Anna, Beckey’s teenage daughter who will share a few YA titled reviews (on Fridays here on the blog)
  • Michele, a fellow book lover, and great friend.
  • Sharilynn, Beckey works with Sharilynn in Facebook in group call Fun Friday Facebook.

In The Pages is looking for more reviewers if you would like to join In The Pages of a Good book as a review. You can fill out the form in the contact page 0r private message the Facebook pages. (https://www.facebook.com/inthepagesofagoodbook)